Meet Infinity J101
“Molecular Hydrogen Water”
The Best Energy Drink On The Planet!


What Makes J101 Unique.

Soft Touch Method

Easy control with a soft touch of a high-sensitivity touch button on the Display Excellent durability as it is not affected by a wet hand or humidity

9 Plate Electrodes

9 Plate Electrodes Mesh-type Platinum titanium electrodes creates re-structured anti-oxidant water molecules

Filter Memory

The filter use amount is loaded on the memory chip which notifies the filter replacement period and the operation is halted if a filter is overused

Large LCD (7 inch)

Easy to identify the pH/ORP and operating status through a large LCD screen LCD backlighting: the background color is changing according to the different pH on each stepwise configuration

pH Control

Configuration of ionic water into four-step alkaline, four-step acid water, or one-step purified water according to your body constitution and use purpose. Able to control pH according to the quality of original water

SMPS Power Supply Method

Provision of stable power with the CPU chip precisely controlling the amount of power supplied to each component Maintenance of constant pH/ORP regardless of the water flow amount and speed due to the use of constant-current and constant-voltage controlling method

Automatic Cleaning

Upon operation of the equipment, cleaning is performed, eliminating inconvenience of user waiting Able to control the cleaning period according to the use condition (10 liter~100 liter) A complete drain of water generated within the equipment after use

2 step filter system

Enhanced purification capability with the use of large capacity quality filter Certified safety and functionality with the use of FDA/NSF certificated materials Guaranteed product quality and after-sales services based on years of filter manufacturing experience and know-how

Worlds most powerful hydrogen producing Water Ionizer!
Quality engineered for hydrogen enriched antioxidant water for wellness, weight loss and anti aging.

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